A Better Florist Flower Arrangement Workshop Review


The nesthouple was excited to be invited by A Better Florist for their flower arrangement workshop! It was the husband’s 1st floral arrangement experience, kudos to him for agreeing to accompany me 🙂


Left to right: White Phoenix, Golden Phoenix, Roses, Carnations, White Eustoma & Ruskus

Each workshop lasts around 2 hours for a cozy class of 8 to 10. For our workshop, roses and carnations were the main flowers used and to be arranged in a fan layout.

Our bubbly teacher Shirleen started our workshop with an introduction of all the flowers that we’ll use for our bouquet, something I appreciated as a noob to flowers!


Garden Scissors & De-Thorner

If you’ll like to arrange a bouquet with roses on your own, make sure to get these 2 tools. Shirleen demonstrated to us how we should arrange a bouquet before we got hands on for our own bouquet!

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You’ve to have a steady and big hand for floral arrangement as you need to adjust and add flowers along the way. I struggled keeping my flowers in place as my hand was relatively small :p

My flowers before they were arranged, lets go!


Set your backdrop with golden phoenix/ ruskus depending on your liking. Ruffle your carnations now to make them bigger – my favourite part of the workshop.

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Add on roses in the middle and eustomas on the sides. Lastly, add on ruskus and white/golden phoenix at the back and tada!


Tape your bouquet to keep the arrangement in place

To help your bouquet last longer, wrap the lower part of the stems with a sponge and wet the sponge in a plastic bag. You can add flower food into the water a few days later to extend their lives 🙂

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The last step is to wrap your bouquet up anyway you like it!

PS: A bouquet like this costs about $60+ if you buy off shelves. Guys should consider attending such workshops to hand-make a bouquet for your partner at a cheaper cost of $40!


My arranged bouquet!

The 2 hour flower arrangement workshop is a great option to consider for hens night party!


The nesthouple’s completed bouquet!

Workshops can be customised based on types of flowers used and type of arrangement, just contact A Better Florist if you’re keen in one! Only a min of 6pax is needed for a customised workshop at $40/pax which is relatively cheaper than other shops.

Workshop by invitation by A Better Florist but all views are our own.

A Better Florist

+65 3163 1525



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