Bintan Lagoon Resort Review (Bintan)

With the Jun school holidays approaching, the nesthouple will like to recommend Bintan Lagoon Resort (BLR) to you for a 3d2n getaway especially if you’ve young children!


The nesthouple stayed at BLR and Canopi (which we’ll write another review) for our 3d2n minimoon at Bintan!


There’s 2 ways to get to BLR:

  1. Mozaic Ferry Lines – Board at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal & alight directly at BLR Ferry Terminal (you arrive right at the resort!) after 90 mins. Limited to 2 timings/day.
  2. Bintan Resorts Ferries – Board at Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal & alight at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal & take the complimentary shuttle bus from BLR (20 mins ride)

We departed SG on Bintan Resorts Ferries at 11.10am SG time and arrived at Bintan at 11.10am (Bintan is 1 hr slower than SG so time’s saved!). BLR had liaised with us on our ferry arrival timing prior to our trip, so that complimentary shuttle service is arranged. However, we wanted to maximise our time at Bintan and decided to go for a massage at D’Bintan Spa upon arrival at Bintan since 11.10am was way before BLR’s check-in time.

Massage at D’Bintan Spa

D’Bintan Spa provides complimentary shuttle service from Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal to the spa and a ride to BLR after our massage.

The nesthouple took the 2.5hrs Anti Oxident Booster body treatment package which costs 720k Rp (SGD 80). It includes a tropical (deep) massage, green tea scrub and mask!


Couple Room for our 2.5hrs Treatment

The massage was satisfactory but not to-die-for. Given the price and complimentary shuttle, the nesthouple would still consider D’Bintan Spa as it’s still cheaper compared to a similar package at the resorts.

The nesthouple was then shuttled by D’Bintan Spa to BLR. As it was past check-in time, check-in was fast and we were served with refreshing lemongrass for welcome drink. At the lobby, we were greeted by large gathering spaces overlooking the sea and swimming pool. The place just feels so relaxing 🙂


We booked the Deluxe sea-facing room instead of the Deluxe room due to the small price difference. Our room was located at the East wing on the 3rd floor (there’s only 4 floors).


Rooms at the East Wing

The husband had informed BLR prior to our stay that we were coming for our minimoon. We were pleased to find the room specially decorated for us, even with a slice of cake! Kudos to the team for paying attention to guests’ special requests despite handling a large number of guests!


Deluxe Sea-facing rooms come with a raised cushion platform which is perfect for families as that can serve as a bed for your kids. The 37m² room is spacious enough to fit 4 adults comfortably.


Our room comes with a full length mirror and a bath tub! The nesthouple expected our room to be sandy as mentioned by some reviews we read on Tripadvisor but the cleanliness of our room exceeded our expectations as it was totally clean.

Basic room amenities such as bathrobes, mineral water, conditioner, shaving and dental kits were provided. Moisturizer was even provided for 🙂

After a quick room tour, the nesthouple headed off for the highlight of our Bintan trip which was a flight out on the open cockpit seaplane at Air Adventures Flying Club Bintan! Each flight is 20mins and costs SGD 120.


Captain Stuart strapping up the husband

I’ve a fear of heights but flying 1000 ft in an open-air plane is really once in a lifetime!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Looking back, I’m not sure how I completed the ride! Captain Stuart takes extra effort to talk to you throughout the ride, pointing out the landmarks at a 1000ft high.

The nesthouple headed back to BLR for dinner and was surprised to see dining places rather empty. Dinner options included (expensive!) Japanese food at Miyako, affordable international dinner buffet at Fiesta, beachside seafood dining at Nelayan etc.


Our dinner at Terrace Sports Bar wasnt as pricey as what other reviewers said. It’s similarly priced as SG. We felt the pizza was more than enough for two. Ambience was great too.


For couples/ families, there’s a wide range of complimentary activities available at the Leisure Centre: Billard, snooker, tennis, table tennis, basketball, badminton, mahjong, board games & the gym. Some activities require prior booking, do check out with the staff in advance!

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There’re also 2 swimming pools at BLR: 1 at the main building of BLR (tends to be more crowded) and another at the Leisure Centre.


Swimming pool at the main building

For those who’ll like a quiet swim/time, the pool at the Leisure Centre will be a better option. Although there’re slides, it was rather empty with no kids when we visited.


Pool at the Leisure Centre

If you’re staying for 3d2n, you’ll have enough time to explore more activities available including the chargeable ones. The nesthouple tried archery at 20 arrows for 50k RP (SGD 5)/pax.


The friendly BLR staff guided us on the basics for archery and even gave us tips along the way on how to improve! After archery, the nesthouple hopped around to explore the villas located near the archery field.


There’re 57 villas at BLR with 3 tiers of villas. The highest tier ones (Angsoka villa) come with a private pool. All villa guests are able to drive a buggy around BLR on their own!

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Villas are a great option for big families with privacy and space but the nesthouple still prefers the rooms/ suites because they seem newer.

Guests are entitled to a complimentary buffet breakfast (2pax) at Fiesta for their stay. Breakfast was mainly western and could have included a few more Indonesian/ Asian dishes  but nonetheless enjoyable, especially with the view of the sea at the lovely glass terrace.

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Do try the omelette, that’s my favourite dish for the buffet though service was rather slow. Buffet ends at 10am so do not oversleep!


For the close proximity of BLR to SG, affordable price & wide range of activities available at 1 location, the nesthouple will still head to BLR for a short getaway. For couples, you might wish to stay away from the school hols/ consider Canopi for more privacy 🙂

The nesthouple gives Bintan Lagoon Resort: 

lovenestlovenestlovenestlovenest /5

Ourcozynests chirp: Wide range of activities in the resort & relaxing ambience

Ourcozynests booboo: Sea-facing rooms didnt really offer a good view of the sea due to its low storey

Bintan Lagoon Resort

Jalan Indera Segara Site A12, Lagoi, Teluk Sebong, Bintan, Kepri – Indonesia. 29155

+62 770 691 388



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