Resale Flat Renovation ID & Contractors

The nesthouple bought a 4 room resale Premium flat that was around 7 years old and started on our hunt for an ID/ contractor! Before searching for ID/contractors, we engaged famous Feng Shui Master David Tong for fengshui advice for our new home so that we know what are the dos and donts (we’ll be writing on our great experience with Master David Tong subsequently!)

What we intended to do for our modern scandi renovation budgeted at $30k included:

  • Demolishing existing kitchen & toilet cabinets
  • Hacking off a part of the wall separating the common bedroom & master bedroom & sealing up of existing door frame for the common bedroom
  • Hacking off half height of kitchen wall and installing glass panel
  • Overlaying wall and floor tiles for common & master bedroom toilet
  • Hacking and laying of floor tiles for kitchen
  • Carpentry for kitchen cabinet
  • Carpentry for master bedroom wardrobe
  • Carpentry for master bedroom vanity
  • Construction of L box with cove light at living room
  • Polishing & varnishing for existing timbre flooring
  • Painting

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