Taobao Online Shopping Step by Step Guide

The nesthouple is here to share with you our step-by-step guide on how to shop on Taobao (China’s version of Amazon). For those of you who have not used Taobao due to the Chinese language, fear not and just follow our steps below! 🙂

Create an account

  • Click here for Taobao’s main page  and you will arrive at the page below. Click on “注册” as seen in the red circle in the picture below to register for an account.


  • You will arrive at the following page. Fill in the details as guided and your account is created!



  • The 2nd step will be to key in your username and password and congratulations! Your account is created 🙂
  • Log into your account here and click on “账户管理” followed by “收货地址” on the left column to key in the delivery address


  • Key in the full address and mobile number given by your chosen forwarder and click “保存” to save the delivery address.


  • This step is critical to ensure that your goods do not get directly sent to Singapore at an extremely high cost
    • For Taobao beginners, the nesthouple recommends you to sign up an account with ezbuy (a forwarder formerly called 65daigou) to utilise their ‘Ship for me’ service . No agent fee is chargeable for this service and shipping by sea starts from a rate of $1.30/500g

Your goods will first be shipped to your forwarder’s warehouse (the address where you input above) and you can later choose to consolidate all orders to be sent to Singapore

Search for your item

  • Key in your item in Chinese in the search box or mouse over the different item categories to search for your item


  • Some common search terms for clothes  are:
    • Type of clothes: 连衣裙/洋装 (Dress), 半裙 (Skirt), 衬衫 (Blouse), 短裤女 (Female shorts), 冬装 (Winter wear), 外套 (Sweater), 夹克 (Jacket), 翻领衬衫(Collared shirts), 西装 (Suit)
    • Material: 雪纺 (Chiffon), 蕾丝 (Lace), 牛仔 (Jeans), 棉 (Cotton)
    • Type of sleeves: 长袖 (Long sleeve),短袖 (Short sleeve),无袖 (Sleeveless)
    • Type of cutting: 修身 (Slim fit)
  • Once you’ve the search results, you may check the boxes on the left column to further finetune your search


  • Click on “销量” as seen in the red circle above to sort the search results according to the volume of sales (Highly recommended step so that the item you purchase are from established vendors)

Select your item

  • Before purchasing your item, always check for the vendor’s reputation which will be indicated by hearts/ diamonds/crowns
    • Vendors with crowns are the most established, followed by diamonds then hearts


  • You may click on “联络卖家” if you have any queries such as recommended sizing, their response is almost immediate


  • To ensure that the goods purchased actually look like what’s advertised, we highly recommend you click on “累计评论” as seen in the red circle above to check for reviews from past buyers.
  • Click on “图片” to see pictures of actual purchases


  • Select the right size/colour etc and add your item to cart



Purchase your item

  • Check the box for the items you’ll like to purchase and click on “结算” to pay


  • Check if the shipping address and item you’ll like to purchase is correct then click on “提交订单”


  • For payment using credit card, a 3% service fee will be charged whereas $1 sgd flat rate will be charged for eNets. Proceed with the more cost effective payment method and click confirm.


Check on status of purchased item

  • At the homepage, click on “我的淘宝” followed by “已买到的宝贝”. If the items have not been shipped out by the vendor, they’ll appear under “待发货”.


You are now ready to start shopping on Taobao and saving money from the much cheaper goods! 🙂




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