M Hotel Singapore Wedding Banquet Review

M Hotel, located along Anson Road, is walking distance away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station. Unlike other hotels that only have 1 main ballroom, you have the luxury of selecting from 2 ballrooms of the same capacity at M Hotel. The hotel’s Banquet Suite is located on the 10th floor while the Anson Suite is on the 2nd floor. Both are able to accommodate up to 32 tables with the minimum requirement of 25 tables.

The nesthouple chanced upon the Banquet Suite and was surprised to find that wedding couples had the luxury of privacy as the entire 10th floor would be dedicated for your wedding. Certainly a plus point if you value privacy.

Entrance to main holding area from main lift lobby

Through the entrance, you will enter the spacious holding area where your guests can mingle at the cocktail reception without disturbance from random strangers.

Main holding area.

Main holding area

It was rare for us to see proper reception tables at wedding venues. Right next to the reception table is the holding room for the wedding couple. With the close proximity of the holding room from the ballroom, the bride will save much hassle and time when she changes out for her 2nd march in.

Reception area

Besides the lifts that come up from the main lobby, there are two more lifts at a separate lift lobby that bring guests directly up to the doorstep of the ballroom.

Secondary lift lobby

Toilets are also located just right outside the entrance of the ballroom.

Entrance to the ballroom

Entrance of the ballroom

The following is a sample layout plan of a wedding banquet of 31 tables. Notice that the layout of the Banquet Suite is squarish which differs from the long rectangular layout of the Anson Suite.

Layout plan for upcoming wedding banquet.

Layout plan for wedding banquet with 31 tables

The nesthouple found the Banquet Suite a better choice than the Anson Suite despite its slightly higher price as guests seated near the entrance of Anson Suite would be quite a distance away from the stage. For brides who prefer to walk down a longer aisle, the rectangular Anson Suite might be a better choice for you.


Table setting

IMG_20150501_205430 IMG_20150501_205406

There are 2 screens on both side of the stage which make it easy for guests from any corner of the ballroom to see. Although there are 2 pillars at the back of the ballroom, the nesthouple do not find it an issue.

Full view of ballroom.

Panorama view of ballroom

The overall concept of the banquet setting for the Banquet Suite is unique as there is a dedicated floor for your wedding with no disturbance from outsiders. Coupled with a spacious holding area, M Hotel is a venue you might want to consider to hold your banquet if you value privacy and on a lower budget.

M Hotel Singapore

81 Anson Road, Singapore 079908



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